BAM - Beaux-Arts Mons
05 October 2019 - 26 January 2020​​​​​
Prepare to travel to the heart of the unusual and discover the memento mori, this timeless and universal theme that reminds us of the fragility of life, 
knowledge and above all, human existence and its environment.

Memento Mons, transfroms BAM into one large "Wunderkammer", full of cabinets with a very curious collection. The historic collections of Mons, the    works of contemporary art, and the applied arts rub shoulders in the manner of cabinets of curiosities where, formerly, were exposed rarities where      collected to better understand the world. A step-by-step discovery where the subject falls into several themes to highlight its topicality.
The juxtaposition of the objects encourages the viewer to reflect, inspire, curiosity and wonder. A contemporary look box, a tribute to the "Wunderkammer", in which art objects are displayed and universal vanitas concepts are deconstructed and undressed / underlined. 

The title Memento Mons invites us to meditate on the brevity of life and our insignificance in the face of the great ensemble formed by time, matter and space. Man is only on Earth for a limited time. Historical artefacts are silent witnesses to this transitional stay. What is the value of a canon of modern beauty compared with ancient aesthetic models, with human works that have already earned their place in the pages of history?                    
Memento Mons is the result of a selection of objects from a rich heritage, of various artistic forms that interlink and form a narrative. From this connection – or clash – come sparks of unsuspected beauty and unexpected tensions that offer the visitor another perspective. And it is clear that, regardless of the era in question, the feelings and emotions evoked by these objects do not change fundamentally.

A Kassen / Alejandro Monge / Alexandre Humbert / Alexis Arnold / Andrea Mastrovito / anne marie laureys ceramics / Antonino Spoto / Arnaud Sprimont / BeCraft / Boaz Arad / Bram Vanderbeke / Bosco Sodi / Caroline Andrin / Dan Wolgers / David Altmejd / Elisa Insúa / Gil Shachar / Huub Vinken / John Isaacs / Jonathan Callan / Justine Smith / Kristof Kintera / Levi van Veluw / Li Hongbo / Maarten Baas / Maddalena Ambrosio / Maria Nepomuceno / Marion Auburtin  / Mark Wagner / Mehdi-Georges Lahlou / Miler Lagos / Nicola Bolla / Nobert Ghisoland / Nora De Rudder / Otis Laubert / P.O.C. / Philippe Luiz / Richard Hutten / Richard Stipl / Rogan Brown / Therese Lebrun / Wim Botha / Zeger Reyers /

Van Eyck's Colours in Design
Design Museum Gent
13 March 2020 - 06 September 2020
The starting premise of the exhibition is Jan van Eyck’s skilful use of colour, which is fully revealed in all its glory during the restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece ‘Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’. Using oil paint and transparent, coloured glazes, Van Eyck was able to achieve an innovative variety of colour nuances, clarity and saturation in his paintings. His inspiring use of colour is the starting point for a selection of national and international designers. They all share an affinity with ‘colour’.
The exhibition is conceived as a walk through the seven primary colours and the universe of pigment which Jan van Eyck and his contemporaries explored, with knowledge, inspiration and mystery serving as the underlayers. Projects by designers in various disciplines, a melange of deisgn,crafts and fine arts.
KLEUREYCK is an exhibition about the innovative and diverse use of colour, a bridge between the past and present. This expo will take place in the historical ‘luster’ of the Design Museum in Ghent, where the museum will be transformed into a sensory experience of universe of pigments.

Lsdselected a group of top niche artists to be part of the exhbition;an attractive mix of internationally recognised names as well as young, ‘to be followed’ talent. To name just a few: Nacho Carbonel, Faye Toogood, Muller van Severen, Wieki Somers, Sabine Marcelis, Franceso Balzano, Orta Miklos, Sigve Knutson, Anna Agard Jensen, Hella Jongerius, Marcin Rusak, German Ermičs, Formafantasma, Atelier NL, Tinus Vermeersch,...​​​​​​​